Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to the Users Forum

Normally, this page will be devoted to users comments & opinions that will be posted from messages on the NeoBOARD.

Letting me know how you found the site in the first place would be a great service to me! Just post it to the NeoBOARD.

Since this is the first posting, I will use the opportunity to let everyone know what I'm working on at present. The home page is finished. Please be sure to take some time to check out the site poll. I've got one of my pictures on the art page and that's about where it will stand for a while. I have a fairly large demand for some work from friends now. The music page will take some real effort as I have to track down & contact the actual artists so that they can review the descriptions. I don't want any hurt feelings. The news page will be updated on a weekly basis for now, as time permits. I've included the same navigation scheme as I have used here. I've also managed to keep the Blogger Button alive while adding RSS & XML. The feeds were tested with IE6, IE7, & FireFox. The members area is a feature in the navigation for the members. Actually, I've planed on having something there since early this year when I wrote the original nav-bar for the home page back in February. Then there is this page, which while is called a 'Users Forum' will probably just become a glorified guestbook. If enough people think I should make the effort to add a feed here, then I'll do it. Just leave me a message on the board! The Application Connector caused a minor disruption when I made the decision to separate the local links service from the page. This was in order to better serve the friends & musicians by devoting a page exclusively to them, while improving site continuity & utilizing what I feel to be a more international approach. In order to assist anyone that may have added the original AHUB to their favorites, I left the URL exactly as it was. And finally, the links page has slipped into negligence until visitors to the site increase & demand recipication of links. I'll also put the majority of the advertising there too.

I'm not one of those thick-rimmed eyeglass wearing, 300 WPM typing, RedBull & HotPocket eating, ubergeeks. My parents booted me out decades ago, so I don't have the luxury of coding in the basement with all my StarTrek models, while Mom does my laundry. Not all ubergeeks live that way, I know. Unfortunately though, I have a life to attend to. Wife, children, in-laws, & so forth. (No quick support in FireFox for umlaut)

Building a site with this much stuff takes time, so please realize the site is a

Just to let everyone know, I'll be dropping support for the PSP browser. Trying to get all this to display properly, & with some continuity between browsers has become a real battle. A formatting adjustment from a plug-in on the home page is giving a minor error code on load-up in IE6. Someone asked why identify the user's IP address on each page. I'm comparing the accuracy of services like Clustr & NeoCounter. I am using the same tools that any big site (CNN, Amazon, Google) use to determine content based on the users location. And please be assured that I am not using any spyware, malware, or viruses of any kind, just check your system after browsing.

Be Safe
Be Responsible


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