Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stats for Aug. 2006

The following is a short summary of the site's statistics.

There were 63 Site Wide Hits this month for a total of 63, according to StatCounter.
The following device was installed about two weeks after StatCounter

Report for August
Date Range: 8/24/2006 - 8/30/2006

Visits and Pageviews
Date Range
Visits 38 At least 4 are due to me prior to install of IP filter adj. 32
Page Views 110 adj. 106

Visitor Types Visits
New Visitor 34 adj. 30
Returning Visitor 4 adj. 0

Country/Region/City Visits
Seoul3756641269997 4 N/A See Above adj. 0
San Antonio294717-985140 1
Augusta334393-820512 1
Bangalore129832775833 1
Phoenix335222-1120839 1
Beaverton454804-1228356 1
Pune185333738667 1
(not set)(not set)(not set) 1 A Proxy Hit
Alameda377534-1222604 1
Paw Paw422223-859044 1
Lima-120500-770500 1
Washington389097-770231 1

Sources Visits
(direct) 13 See Above adj. 9 5 adj, 1
google 4 adj. 1 3 1

The hit from 'japaneselaurel' may be due to a 'Next Blog' referral at Blogger.
The 3 hits from 'technorati' were addressed by the addition of a sidebar link after review of their TOS.
I will be much less verbose in future reports.

I also apologize for the use of the Site Poll & the resulting complaints. The provider & feature have been removed from the site. Please do not use the members area unless you have been actually directed by me to do so. I am in the process of obtaining hosting on an actual secured server for that feature.


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