Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stats for Sept. 2006 Week 3

I'll be short on the stats this week.
We had our first visit from Wuhan in China this week.
We also had a visitor from Mount Colah, Australia.

Our friends in Annapolis comprised of 10% of the total with 2 visitors for the week.
The Total Site Count is at 124 as of this posting.

The home page had a high hit count on Monday, 25th with 4 visits, with one visitor that may have stayed on the page as long as 10 minutes!

The 'Dave's News' page had a high hit count on Tuesday, 26th with 8 visits. Dave's News continues to be our biggest generator of visits, most being referred via Blogger. The other top referrer is NeoWorx, most of those visits end up on the home page.

The connection types are as follows:
  • 17 -- Cable / DSL -- Annapolis is using this connection
  • 2 -- Corporate -- Visits from St. Louis & Los Angeles
  • 1 -- Dial Up -- The visit was anonymized offering no real information other than they are the only Dial Up to connect to the site. I don't think they are enjoying the picture slideshow very well.

One visitor actually managed to use the site navigation to visit at least 3 pages, but that may not be completely true as I don't employ site navigation tracking tools.

There was a hit from 'Globe of Blogs', probably a site administrator reviewing the site, as we have registered to be listed there. As of this writing, there was no reference to the site yet, so it was not a referred hit.

I also corresponded with the author of 'Queen for a Year' blog. I thanked her for her contribution to the blogosphere. Give her page a visit !!

I would like to point out that this page is the cover sheet for the actual Users' Forum. The intent is to highlight comments from users of the forum. The Go to Forum at the top right of the page is the entrance for the forum.

Well, thanks for visiting. And remember, there's an entire site here. Find the box at the top right labeled 'Navigation' to locate the other pages. Yes, you do have to allow JavaScript to access all the features. But you can cheat by using 'MAIN LINKS' at right & your Back Button. And having the latest version of Adobe Flash Player with an up to date Operating System helps to !!


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