Tuesday, November 21, 2006


GPCDG, Updates, & New Features

Wow, what a busy month!
With the holidays right around the corner, things have been real busy for me. Working, freelancing, decorating the house, sales at stores, dinners for guests, climbing through storage, dealing with traffic, stocking the bar; You get the picture.

I had a flash based navigation bar on the home page for a while, but I've decided to go back to the old dependable HTML. Don't forget: You need both FLASH & JavaScript enabled to really enjoy all the site has to offer. See my instruction here. There were some indications from the stats that a small number of first time visitors were not using the bar, or had flash disabled and were stranded there. We're talking about less then ten visitors over the past month, but when you only average 50 visits per month, limited resources require that you make those kinds of decisions based on the results of just two or three visits. And remember: There's a whole site here, not just this boring blog.

The 'cloud tag' on the picture page was updated to reflect what is available on my Flickr page. To be honest, that particular feature is highly modified in order to display the way I want it to on the picture page. If you see something that intrest you & you use it, just give a credit to the site. There has been one instance where a typo in the code for one of my pages, was copied and is displayed as an instructional example (& yes, I do insert typos to catch this sort of thing !!). The internet is supposed to be free & educational. I try alot of approaches to mash things into a page in order to arrive at what the goal is, a lot of playing around with the code. Often, I'll leave part of a failed attempt in the code, as a reminder to myself. GPC will reorder code, but dosen't clean it up too much. Since I primarly use notepad to form code, it's not a big deal to change the encoding for a single, particular character, as I have done here.  The site exists as an educational example. If you use it, just give me credit.

If your using Google Page Creator, & looking for a somewhat mature group, GPCDG is a good resource for pointers, both basic & advanced. Be sure to review the charter first. There have been a record number of OS & browser updates. It looks like things on the internet are beginning to stablize as IT's update servers & associated support systems around the globe. This has affected both Linux, as well as, Microsoft. This process will continue over the next few months. One issue, on how GPC was changing display characterstics, may have finally been fixed this week. Running a XP machine with IE6 is the equivelent of running a Commodor64 in 1993. At least, update your browser to IE7 or FireFox2.

Finally, I've introduced a new feature to the site. I will be hosting a SkypeCast at 1200hrs GMT every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. This feature was started the day Skype 3.0 beta came out. A schedule is available on the home page. Skype is pulling 3.0 for a little while due to a few bad people. Good Job Guys, Skype is only second to Google & Microsoft in databasing bad IPs for hacking, spam, & virus injection. Hop, Spoof & Mod all you want, read your Skype Agreement over a little closer this time.

And hi to my new friend 'SLI' in Ohio !!
Talk to everyone then...


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